Version: 1.0

Welcome to TBD 1.0

The Tartary Buckwheat Database is a comprehensive, effective resource for development gene expression, transcription factors and qPCR primer in Tartary buckwheat. In this database, we analyzed global gene expression of Fagopyrum tataricum in samples during fruit development, and diverse organs. Furthermore, we have systematically identified 974 transcription factors from Tartary Buckwheat genome, covering 14 major transcription factor families, which provide more direct clues to the study of potential functional mechanisms. Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is an important method to verify the expression pattern of Tartary buckwheat target gene. In order to facilitate the qPCR validation of target genes after screening in this database, we provide 1 to 5 best primer pairs for 31 834 Tartary buckwheat genes. The TBD 1.0 is the comprehensive platform for excavating key genes of fine agronomic quality of Tartary buckwheat.